A Quarter Use iPod/MP3 Player in Car

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A new study provides a sweeping look at gadget use in the car. Conducted in July, it found that 24 percent of us use an iPod/MP3 player to listen to music in the car, although that figure climbs to over half of users if they are between 18 and 24 years old.

The Road Ahead in Car EntertainmentThe study from Arbitron, Edison Research and Scarborough Research questioned 1,500 users by phone.

Here are some key findings:

  • 6 percent stream Pandora from a phone while in the car. If you look only at 18 to 24 year-olds, Pandora use climbs to 19 percent
  • 8 percent listen to satellite radio
  • 25 percent use a Bluetooth connection to the phone of some kind in the car.

The study also looked at user interest in new technology:

  • 38 percent are interested in connecting the cellphone to the dash to interact with apps (including 16 percent very interested, 22 percent somewhat interested)
  • 40 percent are interested in voice control of the car stereo (including 18 percent very interested)
  • 49 percent are interested in handsfree calling in the mirror (including 24 percent very interested)
  • Edison Research in car technology36 percent are interested in a text message and email reader in the car (including 18 percent very interested)
  • 36 percent are interested in a built-in Internet Radio device in the car (including 13 percent very interested)

See the chart on right for interest in telematics features.

The study found that good ole radio is still king in the car. Users listen to AM/FM 64 percent of the time they are in the car. The CD player is in second place at 21 percent; and all other devices combined make up 15 percent.

Radio listening varies with age. 18 -24 year olds spend 50 percent of the time listening to radio while in the car, but the statistic rises to 72 percent for 45 to 54 year-olds.

The study also confirmed that time spent in the car has increased over the past 8 years. People now drive an average of over 12 hours during each work week. A similar study in 2003 found that the average drive time was 11 hours during the work week.

See all a full overview of the study below:

Source: Edison Research via FMQB

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