First Aftermarket Android Car Radio to Ship in October at $349

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Parrot announced that its Asteroid, the first Android-based aftermarket car radio and one of the first to accept a USB air card, will ship in October at $349. It will also include a set of 6 built-in apps.

Parrot Asteroid The Asteroid was first shown in January at the Consumer Electronics Show sans a price and specific apps.

Apps will include “TextFriendly,” which lets you read and compose emails and text messages by voice. An Internet Radio app is also included called TuneIn, with access to more than 50,000 stations. Wikango warns of speed cameras in real time. There are also apps for maps, roadtrip information and weather.

Asteroid comes with a GPS dongle and it accepts an optional 3G air card for a wireless connection. It’s equipped with 4 USB slots and an SD card slot and it works with an iPhone, iPod or other MP3 players. It has built in stereo Bluetooth and an AM/FM radio, but no CD player.

The radio includes a dedicated button you press for voice recognition searches through your music by name or the artist or album. The search will pull in music located on connected peripherals.

Parrot’s Bluetooth function automatically syncs your phonebook with the radio and lets you use voice recognition to dial names.

Half the face of the unit is detachable and the other half is made up of a 3.2-inch TFT color screen for displaying song and artist info or maps and other apps.

For the OEM side of the market, Parrot is also offering its Android system on a chip called the FC6100 module.

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  1. I like the style of the Android my only concern is the price compared to the pioneer, alpine, kenwood, etc. I wouldve liked the Android better if it added a cd player cause the older generation still owns cds.

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