NAV-TV Adds Back up Cam/Navi to Dodge Uconnect

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The Uconnect TouchT 4.3 in the 2011 Dodge Charger has nearly everything: a sexy 4.3 inch LCD touch screen in the middle of the dash, a remotely mounted CD player, a USB port for iPod control or MP3 and WMA playback from a USB device. It’s got Bluetooth, voice recognition, and Sirius satellite radio. It controls the heating and AC system via touch screen. But it doesn’t have a back up camera or navigation system as options.

NAV-TV Uconnect backup cameraNAV-TV is taking pre-orders on what it says is the first integration device for the Uconnect TouchT 4.3. And it will develop a line of plug and play add-on modules for the system.

The new back up camera interface module, UCI-11C ships at the end of August. It is available with a separate rear view camera (CHARGER-CAM) that links the camera directly to the vehicle’s brake light without requiring any alternations or modifications to the car. The image displays on the touch screen automatically when the car is placed into reverse, and it also shows you “parking lines” or markers for judging distance.

“Safety is a big concern for people. Nobody wants to run over a child. The LCD screen is already there and, in conjunction with a reverse camera, can help the driver see in blind spots to avoid a tragic accident. However, the option is not available from Chrysler/Dodge,” said NAV-TV president Constance Melman. She said the company surpassed sales on the first day of pre-order, selling as many models as were expected to move in the first two weeks.

The UCI-11C will also work with a navigation option to be offered by NAV-TV in the near future.

NAV-TV says the technology is an important breakthrough for the aftermarket in working with difficult vehicle installations. “Most vehicle manufacturers today are choosing to incorporate color LCD touch screens with a remotely mounted control brain in lieu of traditional radios and buttons. This method saves money by reducing excess wiring and weight while giving the customer the same, if not better, ease of operation. However, it makes it difficult or even impossible to retrofit the vehicle with an aftermarket radio… Our new UCI product line is a huge step forward …” said VP Derek Schmiedl.

Pricing will be announced shortly.

Source: NAV-TV

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