Toyota Demos Heart Monitoring Steering Wheel

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In May Ford showed off a car seat that can monitor your heart activity and last week Toyota demo’d in Japan a steering wheel that can do the same.


Toyota Demos Heart Monitoring Steering WheelBecause heart disease causes accidents.

In a survey of more than 170 fatal accidents, about 17 to 18 percent were due to heart disease affecting the driver’s physical condition, according to Toyota.

Toyota’s steering wheel monitors the driver through optical sensors placed where the driver grasps the wheel. In the experimental system installed in a Prius, the driver’s heartbeat and electrocardiogram were viewed on the display of the car’s navigation system, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Will car audio suppliers join the fray and enter the mobile health business down the road?  We sent out several inquiries but received no answers of substance.  But as soon as a Pioneer or Sony radio has a heart monitor app that works with a steering wheel, we’ll be all over it.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. I think it’s for Prius drivers. When their heart rate falls too low from lack of stimulation, they can pump up the radio volume a little bit and wake them up…

  2. Let’s see if I understand. Ewhen you lose control and start swerving all over the place, the infotainment system will give audible and visual confirmation that you are screwed.

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