CompuStar’s New Windshied-Tap Alarm

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A new touchpad system from CompuStar lets you tap a code onto your windshield to arm and disarm a car alarm.

CompuStar's FT-RPS TouchThe FT-RPS Touch module installs on the inside of the windshield but you can operate its touch pad from the outside.

The device sticks to the inside of the windshield with a key pad pressed against glass. The sensors in the keypad (visible from outside the car) are sensitive enough to register commands behind the glass. You can arm/disarm your alarm and unlock the doors. If you double tap on the system it will page your 2-way remote so you can find your keys.

CompuStar RPS Touch arms/disarms by tapping on windshield

The system launched in June at $49.99 and is compatible with CompuStar AlarmIt and MaxIt remote start or security systems.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. The sensor uses capacitive sensing technology and requires something that is conductive, such as a human finger. Rain or hail won\\\’t trigger it.

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