New Remote Starter from Auto Page

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Auto Page will ship in September a new remote start module compatible with its C3 series, which offers remote start control from a phone.

New C3-RS601 remote starter from Auto PageThe new C3-RS601 can work with vehicles with smart key/push-to-start technology. It replaces the RS-60 and offers keyless unlock, trunk release and 2-way data port.

It has a dedicated unlock button for vehicles that lock out the factory smart key when the vehicle has been remote started. The new remote starter also ships with a new XT-12 transmitter and will carry a suggested retail price of $199.95

Other Features:

  • 2-way data/serial port integration for use with C3 and OEM bypass modules
  • 2 new XT-12 two-button remote transmitters with S. A. W. technology
  • negative and positive (- & +) door lock outputs and new programmable lock/unlock pulse times with double pulse.
  • • Negative channel 3 trunk pop output
    • Window-mount super heterodyne SAW receiver RX-300A
    • Ultra small unit size with Micro K relays
    • Dash mounted LED and Valet switch
    • GM starter timing for no start wire vehicles
    • Relays on-board: Parking lights, Starter, Accessory, Ignition #1, Ignition #2
    • Output for Ignition #3
    • Temporary Stop Feature (short stops with the engine running/no key)
    • 200ma ground programmable output for horn or factory security rearm
    Programmable Features
    • One pulse or three pulse start for adding-on to an existing aftermarket or factory security / keyless entry system Factory key-less door locking before and after start
    • Ignition control door locks (on/off)
    ‘ Safety Start – Two or One push on the start button- (default= 2 Push)
    • Gasoline or diesel engine + Low or High check levels
    • Remote start: voltage type, RPM/Tachometer learning type or timer checking type + Run Time: 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes (default=20 minutes)

Source: Auto Page

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