Kicker Ships Powered SubStation Subs

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Kicker is now shipping its first self-contained premium powered subwoofers in 9 years.

Kicker ships new SubStation powered subwoofersThe SubStation model PECVR12 combines a 12-inch subwoofer (CompVR) with a 400 watt Class D amplifier in a vented enclosure.   It’s joined by a SubStation PES10C with a 10-inch Solo Classic sub with a 450 watt Class D amp in a compact sealed enclosure.

They use  quick-connect wire harnesses and Velcro straps for mounting.

Both models weigh under 40 pounds and can be removed when trunk space is needed.

They also come with a  remote bass control for fine-tuning bass levels, adjustable low-pass crossover, phase reversal, variable +18dB bass boost and three automatic turn-on options.

The PECVR12 has a suggested retail price of $449.95 and the PES10C carries a price of $579.95.

Source: Stillwater Designs

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