O Car iPhone Radio Distributed by Aamp

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Remember the O Car “iPhone car radio” shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in January by Oxygen Audio?    Aamp of America announced it will be the exclusive distributor for the O’Car and other Oxygen products in the U.S.
Aamp to distributor Oxygen AudioThe O Car lets you snap your iPhone into the face of the radio with a ball-mounted tilting system so you can tilt the phone towards you for easy viewing or swivel it from landscape to portrait. Then you get access to apps and music from the phone. You can also access Internet Radio and video. And the O Car also charges the phone.
You can make all car stereo selections from the phone itself including volume up/down, channel tuning, and band selection.
Aamp will start actively selling the O Car in late July at a suggested retail price of $299.95.
The O Car also has a built-in RDS AM/VM tuner, Bluetooth connectivity and a 4-channel, 55-watt amp. It may also work with certain iPod touch models.
Source: Aamp of America

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  1. It”s about time! Sure AAMP isn’t a radio manufacture, but Phoenix Gold started the same way. Cell phones used to be in the hands of the few and not able to do much accept make a call. And not very well out in the country. Now cell phones are little computers that do almost everything my home pc does. So, look at the basic funtions of the deck that goes in cars now and you’ll see that need a new direction. Us consumers have been waiting for a computer in our cars fo ever. A few failed attempts and now we have O Car. Not to say that bugs don’t need to be worked out, but that is for the consummer to work on.

  2. No offense but this radio looks like cheese. Aamp is not a radio manufacturer. Im sure this radio will be quirky and the first batch will not be properly tested and people foolish enough to buy this will pay the price for trying to be the first to own this klunker. Its just plain awkard looking. I have been in this business for about 17years and I have seen many a turkey like this flop.

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