German Maestro Offers Free K’Fest Passes

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German specialty car audio brand German Maestro is offering a limited number of free passes to the KnowledgeFest trade event to be held August 28-30 in Dallas. The passes cover the $199 registration fee for the car stereo event.

German Maestro offers free KnowledgeFest passesInterested dealers may reply to [email protected] or 949-600-8195.

Ray Windsor president of German Maestro encouraged retailers to put aside excuses for passing up KnowledgeFest this year, even if it means leaving the store for a few days. As only Windsor can say it, forget excuses like, “If that important consumer happens by my store that day, I can’t rely on my people when I am away and so on…We tend to think like ‘hunter gatherers’ in loincloths way back before the Stone Age. We hope that we will find some nuts, fruits or critters this week. May I suggest that it might be a wiser strategy to think like a farmer and plan to have access to food and meat on demand.”

Source: German Maestro

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