Rockford Ships New R2 Shallow Woofers

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Rockford Fosgate is now shipping is shallow mount subwoofers in the Prime R2 series. The woofers include 10- and 12-inch models in dual 2- or 4-ohm configurations.
Mounting depths are only 3.4 inches for the 10-inch model and 3.6 inches for the 12-inch unit.

Rockford ships RS Shallow woofersBill Jackson, president of Rockford Corporation. said, “We’ve established new ways that allow us to pack some of our best subwoofer technology with less expensive yet high quality materials. This means enhanced sound and better quality with less money out of pocket.”

The R2 Shallow handles 200-500 watts and produces typical in-car sound pressure levels of 130 dB, said Rockford.

The 10-inch model is available at $89.99 and the 12-inch is $99.99. –Lynn Shannon

Source: Rockford Fosgate

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