Expect More Car Radio Problems: J.D. Power

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We all know about recent Ford radio problems, and J.D. Power believes other car makers will experience similar headaches in quality as they launch new car radio/navigation platforms.

JD Power expects more car radio problems“It’s an industry-wide problem,” said VP of global vehicle research, David Sargent. “Pretty much any automaker that adds a lot of technology has a problem short term,” he noted, according to Automotive News. Does this include car radios? “Yes,” a J.D. Power spokesman told us.

And given that nearly every major auto maker is planning to launch or is just launching new radio/smartphone platform, J.D. Power expects to see numerous problems in car radios in the near future.

The marketing  firm is noting this trend already. Car radio/navigation systems were cited as one of two key technology problems in new cars. (The other problem is engine “hesitation.”).

J.D. Power’s new study found, that “Overall problem rates for audio/entertainment/navigation systems in 2011 are 18 percent higher than in 2010 and 28 percent higher than in 2009.”

Each year, J.D. Power tracks problems reported during the first 90 days of car ownership in its Initial Quality Study. The just-released 2011 study found that Ford’s problems jumped from 93 out of 100 models studied to 116 problems, this year, which sent it tumbling from its #5 ranking in quality to number 23. Ouch! Again the spokesman confirmed that much of the shortfall was due to the MyFord Touch radio.

Lincoln dropped from 8th place in 2010 to 17th this year, with 111 problems reported per 100 vehicles.

See the press release here.

Source: J.D. Power & Associates, Automotive News

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  1. Dear Automaker,
    Just leave us that D-Din hole in the dash….we will solve all of your problems…
    The Aftermarket

  2. Car audio / integration has become somewhat of a black art. You can tell just by looking at the list of vehicles Best Buy is not allowed to work on. We have to think outside of the box every day. New car Dealerships will have to move away from their cookie cutter comfort zone in order to keep their customers happy. The new excuse for introducing a product prematurely is “you need a F/W update”

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