Audiovox Revamps Web Site

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Hauppague, NY, –Audiovox Corporation announced that it has launched a completely revamped corporate website which reflects the Company’s global image following its 11 acquisitions over the past decade.

The Audiovox website, located at has been redesigned to deliver information on the company given the many brands it has recently acquired.

“With all of the powerful brands we’ve acquired in recent years, coupled with our focus on specific market segments within the electronics industry, we felt it paramount to revamp not just our website, but the way in which Audiovox is positioned to the marketplace,” stated Pat Lavelle, President and CEO of Audiovox Corporation. “We wanted to create a destination that communicates the new, Audiovox corporate story, while at the same time, promotes our brands individually to our business partners and to the millions of consumers worldwide who purchase them.”

Audiovox brands include Klipsch, RCA, Advent, Acoustic Research, Jensen, Omega, Energizer, Terk, Jamo, Mirage, Energy, Mac Audio, Magnat, Heco and more.

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  1. About time, but I think it’s pretty tacky to have your real-time stock value posted on the homepage…..

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