JVC Moves Western Office Into Kenwood HQ

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JVC is moving its western regional office, which houses JVC Mobile, into Kenwood’s headquarters in Long Beach, CA.

JVC shares HQ with KenwoodJVC’s western regional warehousing will also now be housed at Kenwood’s headquarters.

Officially, JVC and Kenwood parent companies in Japan are set to merge on October 1, into a single holding company, but the U.S. operations will maintain a separate staff and warehousing, (although some will co-locate in the same building).

Kenwood SVP consumer electronics Keith Lehmann said the merger in Japan will result in some merging of back operations and “there will be some economies of scale. From all indications, sales, marketing, order desk, training are to remain separate.”

The official statement from JVC is, “JVC is moving its Western Regional office from our current Cypress, CA location to Long Beach, CA, where we will share a facility with Kenwood USA. The move involves JVC Mobile Company of America and the western region operations of our Consumer Electronics Group. JVC and Kenwood operations will remain entirely separate, including all staff and warehousing. The move streamlines costs for both companies by allowing us to share overhead. Headquarters for JVC Americas Corp. remains in Wayne, NJ.”

Source: CEoutlook

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