WSJ: Expect More BlackBerry PlayBooks in Cars Starting Fall

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Move over iPad, car makers may unveil demo cars that integrate a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet starting this fall, says the Wall Street Journal.

This year, we’ve seen several concept dashboards with an embedded iPad from companies including Visteon and VW (as shown below). Now BlackBerry maker RIM is showing its PlayBook tablet in a Corvette and it’s exploring many ways of integrating the tablet in the car.

Cars with Tablets: this one a VW Concept model

As CEoutlook readers already know, RIM now owns software company QNX, whose software is in 20 million vehicles including models from GM, Toyota and BMW.

RIM wants to expand that, especially now that the PlayBook is running the same QNX software used in millions of cars.

It told the WSJ that the PlayBook’s glass screen would need to be replaced by a plastic version that wouldn’t shatter in a crash. And the tablet would need to withstand drastic temperature changes.

One way to integrate might be to allow the PlayBook to sync wirelessly with the car’s radio to play music stored on the tablet through the car’s sound system.

There’s also an app in development for chauffered cars, where the passenger in the back can use a PlayBook (that comes with the car) to adjust heating and cooling systems.

Frost & Sullivan estimates that already 8.7 million cars in the U.S. can connect to the Internet, and that figure will rise to 23.6 million by 2016.
–Bill D.
Source: Wall Street Journal

Photo via CNET

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