DICE Launches OE Integration Training

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OE integration devices that let you add-on to your car’s factory stereo system have a problem.  They are misunderstood and often shunned by floor sales people who rather sell a car radio.

DICE starts OE integration trainingIf only salesmen received proper training they could boost OE integration sales by 30 percent, said DICE’s Steven Witt.

“I would estimate at least 70 percent of our retailers have not engaged in proper OEM integration training,” he claims.

So DICE Electronics hired Gazda Bitner Consulting to develop a training program for DICE’s integration products that launches this week.

Witt will do the actual training, which is free to retailers.  There’s also a computer learning module.

“The biggest problem is that consumers who walk into the auto electronics departments are not aware that the OEM upgrade or add-on products…are available,” he said.

The training covers DICE’s full line of devices: MediaBridge, DUO, Universal RDS, G2  Cradles and Integration Accessories.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. I am definitely hesitant with these installations so many variables it can get frustrating. Definitely interested in the training.

  2. This is good.
    I remember a time when most manufacturers did annual training.
    They all should get back to that.
    Nothing like looking the trainer in the eye shaking their hand and saying “Nice product cool features great info and maybe next year you could add/change X feature”
    Just sayin 😉

  3. Just curious if there is a list of locations where we can attend the trainings, and where to go to do the online training. I have looked on your website and don’t see any info about this yet.
    Thank you

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