Rockford Launches Helix Plug and Play Car System

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Rockford Corp. began shipping Monday, the Helix Plug-and-Play–a sound processor with optional subwoofer that you add to a factory radio.

Rockford launches Helix OEM integration/sub systemYou get a digital sound processor (DSP) to improve the tone, mid bass and bass of an OEM car radio.  It’s billed as a plug and play device because it ships with a car-specific harness and cables so the install takes less than 30 minutes, says Helix, a German HiFi brand that is distributed in the U.S. by Rockford.

The system (PP50  DSP) was first shown in January, at the Consumer Electronics Show. We now know the price is $799 for the total system with subwoofer (two 7-inch subs in a vented enclosure) and $549 for the DSP-only version.

There’s no tuning the system with a microphone. The dealer downloads acoustic algorithms for a specific car onto an SD card which is plugged into the system during installation.
There’s an input for an MP3 player or navigation device.

Rockford and Helix are also working on a down-firing subwoofer option for trucks.

For more specs click here.

Source: Rockford Corporation

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