Why the White iPhone was Delayed

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The white iPhone that finally landed in Apple Stores Thursday, was off to a good start in sales, at least in China, where people were lining up by the hundreds, said Digital Trends.

Why white iPhone was delayedIn the U.S., the white version of iPhone 4 is available on both Verizon and AT&T services and is expected to be available through both carriers’ stores as well as other select retailers.

The white iPhone 4 was repeatedly delayed over 10 months as producing a phone white, turns out to be more complex than just changing the color of the case.  The whiteness confused the phone’s proximity sensor, which detects when the phone is held near your head to turn off the touchscreen (as you talk) to preserve battery life, said CNN. Photos on the phone were also blurry.

Let’s hope the problems have been solved.

Source: Digital Trends, CNN

Photo of Apple’s Steve Jobs with white iPhone via CNN

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  1. They released the black iPhone and the proximity sensor does not work good. Why did they bother so much with the white one. I still have problems with the black iPhone.

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