CEA Car Stereo TV Campaign May 25

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And now, some good news…The Consumer Electronics Association is sponsoring its first ever Car Tech Week, which will include a live broadcast from a car stereo installer in Washington DC on May 25 that will be picked up on morning TV and radio shows across the country, said CEA’s Steve Kidera.

CEA launches Car Tech WeekKidera will also give interviews for local TV stations throughout the day on May 25, showing off aftermarket car stereo products, and CEA will promote the products throughout the week.

Retailers may also receive promotional banners and signage from CEA in support of Car Tech Week to be held May 23 – 27. And CEA will provide consumers a ZIP code locator to find the nearest retailers. It will also educate consumers about the importance of seeking out an MECP certified installer.

The goal is “to work with manufacturers, retailers and installers to educate consumers and promote the benefits of these technologies, from entertainment and information to safety and convenience,” said Kidera, a communications specialist for CEA.

The week-long promotion is CEA’s response to it members’ desire to raise awareness for aftermarket car electronics. (Finally!) Kidera said, “CEA has done similar promotional events in the past, think 3D Demo Days last year, with great success. We expect similar success with Car Tech Week.”

For more information contact Jack Cutts at [email protected]

Source: CEA SmartBrief, CEoutlook

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  1. Great Stuff!!!!

    Bravo CEA. In addition to products I trust that CEA will lay out the difference between the consumer’s experience on the Internet, Big Box and installing specialty retailer. Not so much to disparage the Internet or the Big Box but re-introduce the installing specialty retailer to consumers.

    Exceptional product knowledge.
    Exceptional installation skills and knowledge. Look for MECP certification.
    Exceptional system design skills and experience.

    Ray Windsor
    German Maestro

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