Window Film Can Mess with Electronics

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some window film interferes with GPS, toll road devicesAs many of you know, window tints that are formulated with metal can cause interference with electronics, including GPS devices and toll road transponders (like Sunpass or EZpass). As an FYI, or something to print and post on the wall to show customers, here’s how Bay News 9 describes it.

Source: Bay News 9

Photo of toll road transponder via Bay News 9

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  1. A good alternative to metal films are ceramic films. Staying away from dyed only films is crucial. These are the stereotypical films that turn purple and do not offer much heat protection and deteriorate fast.

  2. We’ve been using non-metallic films for a few years now from SunTek. This happened after some high end vehicles showed issues with GPS and other wireless electronics. Suntek Carbon series tint is great to work with and has shown not to interfere with any electronic device. The odd thing is that my competitors refuse to use this higher end product and short sell people telling them that I am crazy for stating cheaper tint can mess up wireless electronics.

  3. Amy, we just wanted to remind your readers that Viper Window Film is non-metallic and will not interfere with RF signals. This helps ensure the reliable operation of CE products such as security and remote start, including cellular signals from smartphone apps such as Viper SmartStart.

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