New Gadgets from Cobra

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Cobra is launching two cool gadgets that work with apps including a key chain that finds your car keys.

The keyfob is a Bluetooth device for your car keys or anything you clamp it to for safekeeping (like a laptop). The Cobra Tag system monitors the distance between your cellphone and the keyfob and you get an audible alert if they get separated. If you do lose, say your car keys or phone, the system sends their GPS location (at the time of separation) to an email address.

Cobra Phone Tag finds your car keys, other devicesYou can also press the key fob to ring the phone to find it.

The Cobra Tag system will be available in July at $59.99 suggested retail price. Free BlackBerry and Android apps will be available at launch.

A second device is not quite for 12 volters, but you may find it interesting. It converts old phones into cellphones within the home. Since 25 percent of households have canceled the landline service, there are plenty of unused cordless phones lying around. The PhoneLynx puts them back into service. It includes a Bluetooth device that hooks to your phone and an Android app. It lets you use your cell minutes via your cordless handset. An Android app delivers advanced calling features including voice mail and voice dial. The video is here. Cobra PhoneLynx for Android will be available May 1 at a suggested price of $59.99.

Source: Cobra Electronics

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