No More T-Mobile

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AT&T has purchased T-Mobile USA and plans to retire the T-Mobile name.

The deal would make AT&T the number one U.S. carrier with almost 130 million subscribers, if it is approved by regulators.

AT&T buys T-MobileAT&T formally announced the purchase for $39 billion over the weekend, stating it would help alleviate a shortage in spectrum, and would create better wireless service in rural areas.

The Wall Street Journal noted that AT&T might have other motivations as well. “T-Mobile has long been an antagonist to AT&T and chief rival Verizon Wireless, offering low prices that kept pressure on rates.” The deal may also force Sprint Nextel to find a buyer, said the publication.

T-Mobile was purchased from owner Deutsche Telekom.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. i have cricket is way cheaper than those 2 i get everything i had t-mobile before and i used to go to some places where there will be no signal at all now i get signal all over and way cheaper

  2. I don’t see this as being a problem. The price wars for features will still continue. I was a loyal T-Mobile/Voicestream/Western Wireless customer from the day they came to America for 9 years. When I switched to AT&T 3 years ago, because of a $500 T-Mobile bill, T-Mobile actually had the gall to ask why I was leaving….. Now I have 2 phones with AT&T for less than $200 a month with unlimited everything. They DO have the fastest bandwith in my opinion, but I don’t see them suffering any more dropouts than I did on 9 years with T-Mobile. At least it’s better than Verizon, where it can take 2-3 hours for a text message you send to be processed and received on the other person’s phone.

    I can be in the same room and text a Verizon person, and they receive the message 1-2 hours LATER, if at all. I can text an AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint customer in the same room, and they get it within 15-30 seconds. Same when that Verizon customer texts me, I may never get, or get it up to 6 hours later.

    There will always be competition, smaller, weaker companies may be absorbed, and I don’t think pricing will be going anywhere anytime soon. Phones will be the big price leaders for each carrier. T-Mobile has relegated itself to the “family/teenager” phone company anyways, they can’t compete on the business end, and don’t offer anything worth signing up for a true data plan for.

    Couple that with them not getting a version of the iPhone, and well, they are not going to make it on a few slim Android pickings anymore. You gotta give credit to Apple for it’s controlled marketing and success, and for AT&T and Verizon getting their respective companies under the Jobs-approved banner.

    Sprint CEO Dan Hesse may want to start calling Richard Branson at Virgin Mobile and start talking merger…..

  3. No more Faster Service for Lower Cost…

    I am going to miss those T-Mobile / AT&T Bashing advertisements.

    Sometimes you just gotta pay more for less!

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