Update on Rockford’s Panasonic Radios

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Here’s a follow up on last week’s story about Rockford Fosgate selling Panasonic branded radios.

Rockford sells Panasonic radios: updateWhile the first Panasonic radios to be distributed by Rockford as of Monday are low end decks under $139, subsequent models will fall in the $159 to $199 range during in the second half, said the company.

Rockford said it launched with the low end decks first because, “Retail feedback was that they needed units at the entry level where they are getting the most margin erosion,” said a spokeswoman.

Features on new and future units may be seen here.

The step up version of the two initial models appears to be the CQ-RX400U with USB iPod and iPhone control, SiriusXM capability, front USB, front and rear pre-amp out, adjustable EQ, and detachable face at $139.

Rockford said it has no plans to distribute products from additional brands at this time. In addition to taking on Panasonic radios through a deal with Pana-Pacific, Rockford announced in October it would distribute the Brax and Helix brands for car speakers and amps beginning Q1.

Source: CEoutlook

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