Geneva’s Concept Autos & Electronics

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By Bill Damsky

Want to keep up with the latest concept cars from the recent Geneva Auto Show? There’s 21 of them, some of which focus on future electronics, as presented by CNET.

VW Concept BulliThe Volkswagen Bulli is an electric minibus modeled on the VW Microbus of the 50’s but it has an iPad integrated into a nice looking dash mount.

Even the new “smart car” has improved electronics. A concept SmartForSpeed car has an edgier design than the SmartForTwo and it gives you an iPhone dock.

BMW Concept roadster in GenevaA concept BMW roadster has three driving modes for its electronics. In “infotainment” mode, the car switches to blue lighting and you get an “emotional browser” for infotainment. It highlights nearby points of interest. The car can switch to orange lighting for driver safety mode and green lighting for energy efficiency mode, which includes navigation and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

Source: CNET

Photos of VW Bulli and BMW concept roadster via CNET

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