Hawaii Forms Electronics Association-Hawaii

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Hawaii car stereo retailers are forming their own association to be named the Electronics Association-Hawaii in order to combat anti-car audio legislation, although they may still also join the Mobile Electronics Retailers Assoc. (MERA) in the future.

Hawaii retailers form Electronics Association-HawaiiA Board of directors for EA-Hawaii includes 5 local retailers and one rep. An active BOD member, Carmina Ahmed, of Car Stereo Express, said the group is “moving forward” in forming the association, and the group could be a registered non-profit organization by the close of March.

The group is also waiting on more information from MERA before deciding whether to join that organization as well.

EA-Hawaii plans to launch a PR campaign about responsible car stereo listening in addition to fighting three bills pending in the state legislature that would severely limit the use of car audio or car security. Industry members have already successfully defeated one anti-car audio bill HB1178 in Hawaii, although they must provide suggestions on curbing noise pollution to the State as the bill was technically “deferred indefinitely.”

Source: EA-Hawaii

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  1. I am encouraged whenever I see a group of 12 volt retailers decide to work together. That can only mean good things for them and perhaps for our industry.

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