A 12 Volt Tea Party: Commentary

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I neither love nor hate the tea party. But I see it as a model that would help the car electronics industry in terms of creating a 12 volt awareness campaign.

And here’s a way to put it into play: every supplier should join MERA.  Let me explain:

Our finest manufacturer minds have been unable to sustain a nationwide PR campaign. The money’s tight; we get it.

That leaves grass roots promoting and maybe Hawaii can be instructive.

I’ve been told there’s a fierce rivalry among the dealers in Hawaii. But retailers are putting aside differences to find ways to not only battle damning legislation but to create an awareness campaign of “safe sound” to counter the bad rap the industry gets when kids blast their tunes.

MERA may get involved in Hawaii and we think MERA may be able to get local everywhere.

It could and should set up a model so that dealers in any region can get help to join forces, organize and then hit up suppliers for some ad money to promote. MERA could give them the art work, a web site, and a template for success.

People in this industry labor in a market where awareness is arguably less than 60 percent (it was about 60 percent in 2008, and probably lower now).  That’s not okay.  Your hard word work isn’t bringing in the results it should.

Chris Cook at MERA can’t do everything by himself. . If all the suppliers in the industry just joined up as MERA members, then Chris could get the help he needs (hire someone to spearhead this?) and we’d have lots of local awareness campaigns.

I would love to drive by a billboard in my town or see a circular that says something about connecting your phone safely in the car for music and talk. Or an ad saying, “Create your own car radio with Pandora.” Something…..It’s another spring. Gas prices are high. Let’s get inspired by Hawaii dealers and do something.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. I could be all wrong on this one, BUT….MERA being owned by InstallerNet et al, is a support mechanism for the Internet sales business and BIG Box clowns ….can\’t find a place to install or can\’t install yourself…buy an INSTALL CARD and have it installed anywhere…it really subjects our 12 volt retail business to more internet sales ….like Egghead, Amazon….why should we foster our own competition….Ya\’ gotta be either fish or fowl ! I fully understand about taking the consumers money when they walk in the door with a unit bought on line, but just what are we thinking….
    Hop on board with TRUE NORTH PROJECT….this is true grassroots !

  2. Grass roots is the key. That is why The True North Project was begun. No politics, no hidden agendas. The retailers own it. There is no cost to take part in it. Leadership is the result of careful consideration, and being bold enough to step up to the plate. It is also the result of pent up frustration and the need for action. Check out TNP on Facebook.

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