12 Volt Sale at Newegg, Move over Amazon

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Newegg.com, known for its sharp pricing on computers, is a major player in car electronics and is holding a hefty sale on 12 volt products from leading brands.

newegg holds car stereo saleSale items include one or more models from Alpine, Clarion, Dual, Garmin, Kicker, Naxa, Polk Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Sony, and TomTom.  Some of the discounts are almost 50 percent off.  There’s a special sale section and then additional sale products can be found in sidebars here.

Newegg is ranked as the 16nd top seller of car electronics with annual 12 volt sales of $46 million, according to TWICE magazine’s registry.

Both Newegg and Amazon have seen rising sales in car electronics in recent years.

Source: Newegg

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  1. For the record, NewEgg IS NOT an Authorized Dealer for Alpine products in 2011. We had a limited, experimental business relationship that was discontinued in the Fall of 2010. We regret that this \"sale\" would suggest that NewEgg is an Authorized Dealer.

  2. And as for knowing Newegg, yes I know who they are. They put EVERY OEM/small business computer store in Puget Sound out of business in the past 4 years. I also build/work-on/repair PC’s as my other job, and I can’t get parts locally anymore, with the exception of Best Buy’s limited selection of retail packaged SKU’s.

    Alas, by reason of attrition, I am forced to buy PC parts from the evil Newegg, as they have the ONLY bonafide selection of OEM/non-retail packaged PC parts around.

    I’m sad to see that now my small car stereo expediter business may disappear too in the next 4 years….

  3. Wow, great!!

    NOW I can finally put my 2 major distributors that have been carrying me and my business for over 20 years OUT OF BUSINESS!!

    I can get all my headunits from Newegg for cheaper than my cost at the distributor, AND get free shipping!!!! WooHoo!!! What a great new business model for me!!!

    I guess this will also preclude the need for marketing reps anymore as well. Newegg and Amazon have such GREAT product descriptions and product knowledge, not to mention the absolute BEST-INFORMED public buyers making reviews on their product forums and feedback pages.

    Please call: Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Kicker, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Sony, and all the others to tell them that they can stop wasting money on beautiful color catalogs for me anymore to show my customers and potential buyers…..

    Sad day, when all-over CES, manufacturers were rattling their sabers about “policing” internet sales and trans-shipping……it seems they were just saying that to put all their internet eggs into another MAJOR e-tailer, than worry about us specialists out here for the past 20-30 years supporting and promoting them.

  4. Don’t misunderstnad us Amy – we value your info more than you probably realise. Sadly information like this sucker punches all of us specialists who are still fighting for what we believe in, and further rubs in our faces that our DEAR SWEET ADORING vendors have lost all belief in us.
    I think we are just used to you presenting facts to us with a sensitivty to what we are going through. Please keep giving us your findings.

    Maybe it’s time as specialists we started our own Association with acatchy acronym that expresses our disinterest in brands that can’t refrain internet villians.

  5. Paid for – or not – this amounts to nothing more than an ad for Newegg.

    Shameful journalism.

  6. Amy. Do you realize that most of your readers have real brick & mortar stores?

    We don’t care what they are doing! WE KNOW!!!!!

    Tell us when Manufactures Give a crap about the independent shops like they did in the past.

    1. First, I thank you and everyone who takes time out to comment on this blog.
      The story was offered in the spirit of knowing the competition. I wasn’t sure how many 12 volters know of Newegg, since it started out as mainly a computer equipment site, so I offered info about Newegg.

  7. Other than the need to sell head units…on which there is no mark up anyhow..why sell those brands?

  8. Just take a look at who is in their lineup,

    “Alpine, Clarion, Dual, Garmin, Polk Audio, Rockford, Sony, TomTom”

    Next, remove them from your lineup.

    The above brands are only relevant if we make them so. If we chose to do business with manufactures that support this type of activity that is our poor decision. We face many threats to our continued survival; price erosion is one of the biggest. Unchecked it is the end of our industry.

  9. Yea great news. Another online company whoring out products on the net making brick and mortar stores look bad GREAT F’IN JOB.

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