Bill Jackson Named Rockford CEO

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Bill Jackson, already Rockford Corp.’s president has also been named CEO by Rockford’s board of directors.

Bill Jackson named Rockford CEOJackson is responsible for day-to-day operations, strategic planning and the future path of the company.

Jackson has been with Rockford for 15 years. The company is now well positioned for “today’s market,” he said.

Rockford recently added new brands two high end German-made car stereo brands–Brax and Helix.

Source: Rockford Corp.

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  1. Rockford Sales have been well on the rebound since hitting the lows of 2008. They are now moving at double digit growth (almost 17% per year). Their annual sales are almost $55 million (not $35 million as someone else stated). New Car sales will be increasing from 12 million to over 17 million by 2013. So basically Rockford, who supplies the audio technology to many major car manufacturers, (including Nissan, Hyundai and more) should see sales growth of almost 40% in the next couple of years. Don’t forget the new product lines which are being well received in the industry.

    I am in agreement with the board and believe Jackson is the right man for the job. The current Rockford Fosgate is much leaner and will greatly benefit on the coming new car sales boom.

    I imagine most if not all (CURRENT) employees at Fosgate feel the same.

  2. Well deserved, Bill. The industry needs a strong RF with targeted business opportunities for specialist dealers and attractive kick-ass audio products for enthusiasts. It\\\’s what built this industry in the first place. Bring it on again in 2011!

  3. Bill Jackson CEO and Rich Vasic CFO have succesfully guided Rockford Corporation to $35 million in Annual sales, down from the unhealthy level of $100 million in sales. Wow! Most BOD’s whould fire these people for such a performance, not promote them.

  4. Congratulations Bill!
    Will Rockford’s future product have a Tommy Bahama look to it now? Kinda like Schoon and the PPI Art series look he carried on to Xtant? 🙂 ha just kidding.

    We all know that you have been doing the job as CEO for years so it is nice to see that they finally gave you the tittle.

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