Sony Intro’s the NGP, Android Store

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Sony finally revealed its next gen gaming handheld—codenamed “NGP” or Next Generation Portable—bearing 3G and WiFi connections, motion sensors, a 5-inch OLED screen and a rear touch panel.

Sony NGP with Kaz HiraiIt won’t hit stores until the end of the year and no pricing was announced last night at a press event in Tokyo, said Reuters.

But what some observers find even more interesting is Sony’s new PlayStation Suite, also announced last night, which is an app store for Android based games that is “device agnostic” and will bring PlayStation games to phones and tablets beyond Sony models.

There was no reveal last night of the PSP phone expected to be announced next month at Mobile World Congress.

Sony’s new gaming portable includes other kitchen sink features: front- and rear-facing cameras, a gyroscope, accelerometer, and an electronic compass. There’s also built in GPS and Bluetooth A2DP.

Games will have a “LiveArea,”where players can share and view each others’ progress on the game.

Sony NGPThere’s also “Near,” which shows you what friends nearby are playing, and lets you “meet” them virtually, says DailyTech.

Games are stored on flash memory cards. And with PlayStation Suite, the NGP will support Android-based game content.

The NGP also uses an ARM Cortex A9 (4 core) processor. It will compete with Nintendo’s 3DS due in March at $249.

Source: Engadget, BusinessInsider, DailyTech, Reuters via Yahoo! News

Photo of Kaz Hirai, Sony president and group CEO of SCE with the NGP

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