Israeli PND w/Movies, Net Radio, BackupCam

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How about a portable GPS that plays movies and delivers Internet Radio over a 3G connection….And it has a back-up camera?

An Israeli start up company Iway Mobile has teamed with a cellphone carrier to offer the portable GPS device in Israel and possibly other countries.

Iway offers 3G PND with movies, Internet RadioThere’s no word on a U.S. launch, but the product is interesting in that it offers movies (provided that the car is not in motion) and it gives you Internet Radio as you drive.

It’s called the Comodo Console and it will go on sale in February.

The device has a 4.3-inch touch screen and comes with a rear camera, speakerphone, GPS antenna and cellular modem with an always-on connection.

The Comodo is offered on a carrier plan through Israel’s Cellcom. It costs about $23 a month on a 3 year contract plus about $10 a month for service plus music.

What do U.S. portable navigation device (PND) makers have to say about the innovative device?

A Garmin spokesman noted, “Garmin is working closely with a number of different auto manufacturers around the world on different navigation and infotainment systems, but we’re not at liberty to discuss anything we haven’t already announced.”

Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News
Photo via Reuters

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