Leak Shows Xoom at Best Buy Feb. 17

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A credible iPad tablet competitor–Motorola’s Xoom—may find its way to Best Buy in a few weeks at a price of $700 to $800, depending which leak you believe.

The tablet is shown appearing at Best Buy on February 17, according to an internal store memo, reports Engadget. Then, in another leaked document, the price is shown at $800, said a second Engadget report.

The 10.1-inch tablet may be the first to sport Google’s new Honeycomb OS—the first Android OS optimized for tablets. It will also bear a dual-core processor, dual cameras, high res display and will launch on Verizon’s 3G and later 4G network. Onboard storage is 32GB.

Apple is also expected to launch an iPad 2 in the near term, possibly with cameras, a USB drive and brighter screen.

Source: Engadget

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