Ford Dealers Hold MyFord Touch Lessons

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Ford dealerships are starting to offer customers special demos up to 45 minutes long of the MyFord Touch radio/electronics system in the car, since the system is complex to operate for some drivers.

MyFord TouchWeeks after Consumer Reports removed its “recommend” rating for 2 Ford vehicles because the MyFord Touch system was complicated to use, Ford dealers are fighting back.

The Detroit Free Press said many dealers are hiring a dedicated specialist to answer questions about MyFord Touch. Marge Karalis, a saleswoman at Bob Thibodeau Ford in Centerline, MI told the paper she takes at least 45 minutes to explain the controls to new car buyers.

Other dealers said that young people don’t have a problem with the system and older buyers, once they get a proper demo, are fine with it.

One dealer pointed out that since the Sync only controlled the radio, consumers could take their time to learn the new controls. But MyFord Touch controls many car functions.

Ford plans to offer MyFord Touch on 80 percent of its vehicles by 2015.

Source: The Detroit Free Press

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  1. The true judge of the maturity of a category is when it is advanced enough to be simple. I have had customers actually take their vehicle back to Ford because they hated the MyFord Touch system. We have had similar issues for years with decks that consumers can’t figure out, and remote starts that people come back over and over because they can’t figure out how to use it after multiple demo’s. Engineers and R&D people need to take the time to truly test products with end users to avoid issues like this. It is essential in today’s consumer centric environment.

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