Camaro Kits Popular at CES

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If CES was any indication, Chevy Camaro kits for replacing the factory radio may be a nice seller this year.

Lots of Camaro radio kits at CES
Alpine's Steve Brown with a Camaro demo car at CES.
Alpine Electronics announced its second car-specific kit to date will be designed for the Camaro. Phoenix Gold showed a car-specific Camaro amp, and Scosche and Freeway showed new radio-swapping kits.

Also, while we were at CES, news broke that the Camaro whizzed by Mustang sales in 2010 for the first time since 1985. General Motors sold over 81,000 Camaros, while Ford sold close to 74,000 Mustangs, reported Autoblog. Camaro sales rose 32 percent in 2010 over the year earlier.

But the radio for the new Camaro is difficult to replace as it’s tied to the AC/heating controls and the seat heaters, hence the need for kits.

Alpine’s Camaro kit is due this summer. It comes with a plug and play harness that will allow two Alpine AV/navigation radios to drop-in to the car. The kit is offered in two versions: with and without steering wheel control capability. They include a smaller touch-screen that is used to command the HVAC controls. The kits work with two Alpine AV/navigation radios: the INA-W900BT and INA-W910.

Scosche showed the first kit that lets you swap the radio but keep full color touch screen AC control in a Camaro, Mustang or Taurus—all cars with radios that are bundled with air conditioning controls, it said. The kits, at about $300 each, include the GM5201B for the Camaro. The kit plugs directly into the factory AC harness for simple installation.

Metra said it was the first to supply a double DIN Camaro kit: the GM3010S released last spring. Although it won’t divulge sales figures, the company said the kit is selling well.

Full disclosure: I have 2 restored Camaros sitting in my garage–a ’68 and a ‘69–that belong to my fiance 🙂

Source: CEoutlook, Autoblog

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