Consumer Reports Beats Up MyFord Touch

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Consumer Reports says that Ford’s MyFord Touch radio and electronics systems may offer lots of functionality, but they may be too complex for some drivers or in some situations.

Consumer Reports Pulls Recommend Rating on Ford due to radio-telematics

In fact, the publication pulled its coveted “recommend” rating for the 2011 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX in its February issue because of the radio/telematics system.

Simple tasks, like changing the climate controls get complicated with small touch screen buttons. But complex tasks, like finding a song off your iPod are simpler with the Ford Sync’s voice activation system.

Consumer Reports testers found that MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch systems were “unwieldy” and “difficult to use.” They also required drivers to take their eyes off the road, even though the systems fall within national safety standards, said the publication, according to the Detroit News.

Even with quadruple ways to do a task–voice activation, steering wheel control, touch screen and touch panel–it can still be difficult to simply raise the temperature in the car to 70 degrees, said Consumer Reports in a YouTube video called “Frustrating MyFord Touch.”

Source: Detroit News and Telematics News via Strategy Analytics

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  1. Consumer Reports is blowing any credibility they had with this. A rating on an entire car should not be reduce by something of this nature. If you don’t like or can’t tolerate technology, then stay away from it. Let those of use that can make use of such features deal with it. When GM or others automakers start to copy CR will change their tune.

  2. I have personally used this system and I am partial to Fords, however if you are new to any vehicle there is a learning curve as well as with any technology. There are going to be problems for many people, do to different driving styles and hand size but if you cant find a button on a dash no matter how small, it might be time to give up driving. This is also not a race car gloves are not need while driving, no matter how cold it is. In all I think its a very strong system and there really is not anything on the market that can touch it, even within the aftermarket. learn to work within the parameters that the technology gives you don’t fight it.

  3. Steve, the way it sits now, you can adjust the AC without taking your hands off the wheel or even taking your eyes off the road with the voice commands accessed by pressing a button on the steering wheel

    Porsche has something similar in its 2011 Cayenne and Panamera with voice recognition and received positive reviews by the customers when their PCM is working (minus the AC controls)

  4. I think you guys are missing the point. Technology is a great thing and should not be thwarted….however, lets look at the distracted driver angle. How would you feel if someone T-bones your Benz or Porsche while trying adjust the AC temp. Or better yet runs over and kills a family member or anyone for that matter because of the difficulty in operating this wonderful technology. People in general have enough trouble driving as it is. Add in more things for the driver to do…. besides drive the car….heading for more accidents and deaths due to distracted driving.. Just food for thought.

  5. Well I am a Mercedes-Benz and Porsche person, but I am sorry… I am going to have to disagree. Sure some things can be changed, such as buttons and the generic look of the menus that resemble a Kenwood, however the functionality always seemed on par. It is called technology, and I am sure all those people that are upgrading from their LTD or Mercury Marquis are having issues finding the knobs to turn their AM radio frequency indicator… and of course it is not going to work easily for anyone with Earth Wind and Fire on their iPod… Yikes!

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