HP to Intro Tablet Feb 9

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Hewlett Packard exec Todd Bradley strongly hinted the company will announce a webOS based tablet and other webOS devices at a press event on February 9.

HP hints at webOS tablet February 9 in CNBC interview with Todd Bradley at CESIn a CNBC interview during the Consumer Electronics Show, Bradley said HP will show a family of CE products on the webOS. And he added that HP is “totally focused on the tablet market; totally focused on enabling that with webOS.”

HP acquired the webOS when it purchased Palm over the summer. The OS permits true multi-tasking with the ability to run 20 apps at once. It also lets you access multiple accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google simultaneously.

Bradley said that tablets have won roughly 10 percent of the PC market, and currently 900 people of every 1,000 own a PC.

Source: CNBC via Engadget

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