Scosche Puts iPad, Galaxy Tab in Back Seat

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Sosche introduces rear seat iPad and Galaxy Tab kits for the car at CES
Scosche Industries will let you mount your tablets PC in the rear seat with two products at CES.

It’s showing two brackets that mount behind a headrest: one for the Apple iPad and one for Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab.

Users slide the tablets into a case that snaps into the headrest mount. Scosche says these are crash-test approved, high end mounts. With an optional accessory such as the iPAV you can also charge the iPad and play music through the sound system. Shipping is expected in February and March at a price to be announced.

As for a front-seat mount for an iPad in the dash, Scosche is still working out safety and liability concerns, said exec VP Kas Alves. With a tempting iPad in the dash, a driver might load up a movie and start watching. One solution may be an app that combines with the iPad’s accelerometer to shut off the screen while the car is in motion unless the app is pre-approved. Permissible apps might include those that read aloud text messages and navigation.

This month, Scosche will also introduce 4 or 5 new apps for its products. One app will work with an FM transmitter. When you plug an iPod or iPhone into the transmitter it will prompt you to load the free app and then hit autoscan. It will then find the clearest FM channel for you.

Also at CES from Scosche:

*A next generation FlipSyncII keychain USB charge and sync cable for the iPod and iPhone. Compared to the earlier version it now has a full USB connector for a faster and better connection to charge devices such as Macs and MacBooks. It’s in Apple stores now at $19.99.

*A Universal AC Controller for the aftermarket. It has a color touch screen control panel for car kits. When you add an aftermarket radio it replaces the AC/heating controls that were tied to the factory radio. The dash kits cost around $299.

Source: Scosche Industries

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