Audi Shows off 3D Cars with Tegra 2

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Audi CES Rupert Stadler keynoteTalk about reducing the lag time in infusing new cars with technology….One of the hottest features in smartphones or the new “super phones” debuting at CES are dual-core Tegra 2 processors from Nvidia that allow 3D gaming.

Audi said it is well on its way to placing Tegra 2 processors in its cars and showed off 3D screens for the car at its keynote address at CES.

Audi chairman of the board Rupert Stadler explained that the more realistic the screen and imagery in front of the driver, the less the driver is distracted. So 3D may turn out to be important in cars.

For the same reason, Audi is interested in augmented reality. Stadler showed a heads up display (projected onto the windshield in hologram-like fashion) with an arrow pointing to the exit ramp. What’s cool about that is the arrow hovers intelligently just where the off ramp appears in the drivers windshield view.

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