Anti Sleep Car Gadget at CES

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Here’s an unusual car device that will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show. For those who have trouble staying awake while driving, this Danish engineered gadget mounts on the dash to alert you when it’s time to stop for coffee.

No, it doesn’t monitor your eyelid movement. The Anti-Sleep Pilot (ASP) sticks to the dash (with a magnetic mount). It has a built in accelerometer, light sensor, sound sensor and touch sensor plus a high precision clock. It emits a muted sound once in a while. Then it times your response to tap the device after the sound emits. If the response time is too slow, you get a red light and it’s time to pull over. All the sensors help keep the device from being annoying as they take into consideration the movement of the car, the time of day and the ambient noise to determine how loud the beeps should be.

Anti Sleep Pilot is also the name of the company producing the device, based in Denmark. The device should sell for under $250 when it ships to the U.S. at a date to be announced at CES.

Fatigued drivers cause about 20 percent of all road accidents, says ASP.

Source: Anti Sleep Pilot

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