iPad to Impact PC Growth

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The iPad has thrown a wrench not only at netbooks, but now desktop PCs.

Gartner cut its forecast on personal computer shipments on Monday due to the economy but said tablets and smartphones will impact sales of desktop PCs in the future. By 2014, Gartner predicts tablets would displace about 10 percent of PCs shipped.

It describes the PC as becoming a stodgy device that has failed to evolve. So some consumers will turn to tablets and smartphones that let you watch videos, read and surf the web on the go.

For 2010, worldwide PC shipments will total 352.4 million units, a 14 percent increase from last year. But previously, Gartner had predicted an 18 percent increase.

“PC market growth will be impacted by devices that enable better on-the-go content consumption such as media tablets and next-generation smartphones,” said analyst Raphael Vasquez.

“PCs are still seen as necessities, but the PC industry’s inability to significantly innovate and its overreliance on a business model predicated on driving volume through price declines are finally impacting the industry’s ability to induce new replacement cycles,” said research director George Shiffler.

For 2011 worldwide PC shipments are expected to reach 409 million units, a 15.9 percent increase from 2010. But this is down from Gartner’s earlier estimate of 18.1 percent growth for 2011.

Source: Gartner

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