O’Dock Due at CES from Oxygen

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The maker of the O’Car iPhone/car radio, has another product up its sleeve.

In March, Oxygen Audio of North America will ship the O’Dock that delivers Internet from your iPhone through your car radio.

You can access Internet radio, video and apps from the phone delivered through the car’s sound system.

The dock has a built in 4 by 55 watt amplifier, and Bluetooth and a microphone for hands free calling. It lets the iPhone become the controlling screen for your radio, when you download an app.

The target price for the O’Dock is $199 to $249. It will join the $299 O’Car iPhone/head unit, and both will be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Oxygen said, the O’Dock is for people who don’t want to install a new head unit in the car (like the O’Car).

The O’Dock secures the iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 with a ball-mounted tilting system so you can tilt the phone towards you for easy viewing or swivel it from landscape to portrait. And it also charges the phone.

The Oxygen Web site mentions an “ISO” connection method to connect to most car radios, but we were unable to reach Oxygen for a second time for clarification.

Oxygen Audio of North America is an established brand in France, which recently set up a NY office and is in the process of creating a network of reps and distributors.

Source: Oxygen Audio of North America

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