MINI Gets Twitter, Facebook, Internet

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The MINI showed off its upcoming Internet Radio system at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show.

MINI expects to offer in January an iPhone app for not only Internet Radio in the car, but Google Local Search, Twitter and Facebook.

Users will be able to plug their iPhone into the USB port of the radio and the MINI ConnectedDrive app will let the radio take control over the phone, said CNET. Thousands of Internet radio stations can then be controlled by the car radio.

There is also car-safe user interfaces for the Twitter, Facebook and Google Local apps. In the case of Twitter, you’re offered a choice of canned tweets. CNET claims, “This Tweet function is kind of brilliant, as it uses data the car knows, such as location, current temperature, or how long you’ve been driving.” It takes that data and can include it in a tweet stating your location and the weather conditions.

MINI’s system is also compatible with iPod-Out—a new feature in the iPod touch and iPhone that lets music info appear on car radio and other screens, just as it appears on the Apple device.

With iPod Out, iPod/iPhone information loads quickly to the car’s screen so there’s less of a lag time to display artist, album, genre information. You see album art, and get Genius playlists, said CNET.

BMW and aftermarket kit maker DICE will also offer iPod Out capability early next year.

MINI is looking at the terminal mode standard as a way to enable smartphones other than the iPhone to link to the car radio in a fashion similar to iPod Out. –William Damsky

Source: CNET
Photo via Bimmer File

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