LG Joins Hanvon w/Color ePaper Display

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Color e-paper displays aimed at eReaders got some support from LG as well as Hanvon this week.

Chinese eReader maker Hanvon confirmed it will offer a color E Ink eReader and now LG Display is also demonstrating color e-paper technology at a show in Japan.

LG is one of the world’s largest display makers. It showed a 9.7 inch color screen and then a combo screen that uses black and white on the top and color on a strip at the bottom. But unlike Hanvon which will ship a color eReader in March in China, LG has not set a market date.

Color E Ink screens have 2 advantages over color LCDs: they may viewed easily in direct sunlight so you can take your eReader to the beach or park, and they use very little battery power. The drawbacks for color E Ink is that colors are muted, and not as vibrant as those on an LCD. Also, the screens can’t support full motion video, with the exception of some animations.

LG’s color display has similar specifications to the E Ink version used by Hanvon, said PC World. The video below explains it nicely.

Source: PC World

Photo via IDG News

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