Almost $1B Spent on eBooks

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eBooks are catching on with avid readers.

This year consumers will spend almost $1 billion on eBooks, and by 2015 they’ll spend close to $3 billion, says a new report by Forrester.

The research firm questioned 4,000 people and found only 7 percent read eBooks. But those eBook readers get about 41 percent of their books in digital format. Of those who own a Kindle or other eReader, 66 percent get their books digitally, said CNET.

Not all those people buying eBooks rely on an eReader. Forrester’s survey found that most people who read eBooks do so on a laptop (35 percent). The Kindle ranked second as the most popular device for eBooks (32 percent) followed by the iPhone, Sony Reader and netbooks.

Source: CNET

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