Color Nook Expected Tuesday at $249

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Barnes & Noble is expected to announce a color, 7-inch tablet/eReader running Android at $249, a source told CEoutlook, corroborating reports in CNET, Electronista and a mention in The Wall Street Journal.

The “Nook Color” will also use WiFi but not 3G and it will ship almost immediately, said our source—a trusted industry veteran. As shown in the picture here from Electronista, the device has an unusual cut out in the left bottom corner, possible for a carry clip, said our source.

Barnes & Noble is expected to introduce the Nook Color on Tuesday at a press event. The color Nook would give the bookseller an edge over eReader rival Amazon. It “also tells Apple you better hurry up and get a 7-inch tablet in the marketplace,” said the source.

B&N accidentally outed the Nook Color on its Web site, but then pulled the page. It showed a screen protector film for the Nook Color and an image of the device, said Electronista.

Also, the bookseller is expected to announce an eBookstore of 12,000 titles for kids– one of the largest, collections of digital books for youngsters ages 3 to 8, said The Wall Street Journal. The store will launch late Sunday. Then in mid-November about 100 picture books will become available followed by year’s end with about 30 enhanced picture books. The books will be available in a Nook Kids app for the iPad and other devices and at

Source: CNET, Electronista, The Wall Street Journal

Photo of Nook Color via Electronista

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