Alpine Shows OEM Replacement Kits

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Updated! Alpine pre-announced a line of OE factory replacement radios kits called “Perfect Fit” at KnowledgeFest and said the series will better integrate into the dash than many current replacement radios. kits.

The company at its booth in Dallas said that current factory replacement radio kits don’t fully take into account the styling of the car. Alpine’s line will pay attention to cosmetic details such as the angle and finish of the bezels around the radios.

Alpine showed a single Perfect Fit prototype in a Toyota Sienna at KnowledgeFest and said the product would get a full launch at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Sienna kit will be the first of many. It will match Alpine’s INA-W900 and INA-W900BT radios. Kits for Alpine radios will be available for about a dozen cars, it said.

The INA-W900BT offers navigation, Bluetooth capability and hands free calling and the INA-W900 offers navigation but not Bluetooth.

Alpine said that no soldering is needed to install the new line as harnesses will be provided.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. This kit looks much better than the standard blocked looking metra kit. And the Metra looks better than the Scosche snap together kits by far.

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