Mercedes Offers Pandora Access

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Updated! First Mercedes-Benz announced an iPad dock for the car and two weeks later it has unveiled Pandora control for its radios.

Mercedes today said a $298 add-on kit is now available that lets many Mercedes radios connect to smartphone apps including Pandora running on an iPhone. For BlackBerry smartphones, the kit permits Bluetooth streaming of Pandora.

With the new Mercedes kit called the Media Interface Plus, users can also stream music from an iPod or iPhone via Bluetooth. The kit also charges the iPod or iPhone.

Media Interface Plus is offered at Mercedes-Benz dealers and may be installed by the user.

It works with any Mercedes vehicles that have the iPod/MP3 Media Interface installed.

It plugs directly into the glove box or console of the car. And there’s a special video cable that lets the iPhone or iPod user stream video to the car’s display when the car’s not moving, says SlashGear. Also the steering wheel control in the car can be used to switch tracks when used with the iPhone or iPod.

Update! Ford sent us a response noting that its Sync currently offers limited Pandora control over Bluetooth. You can hit next track on the steering wheel controls to change songs. From what we understand Mercedes Benz is offering slightly more control than this, with a “Thumb Up” capability. So we’ve changed our headline to stay out of the question of who’s first.

At any rate, Ford will have advanced voice control over Pandora and 2 other apps by the end of the year starting with the 2011 Fiesta. So you can say “Play Coldplay radio” or “Thumb Up.”

Source: Mercedes-Benz and SlashGear

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  1. it does way more than that, come on it is Mercedes!

    Bluetooth® Audio Streaming
    Audio content or the Pandora® app can be streamed wirelessly from your mobile phone.
    Functionality limited to central controller and track selection.
    iPod® / iPhone® Audio & Video²
    Browse & play audio and video files on a connected iPod® or iPhone®.
    Phonebook Download
    Transfer contacts to the COMAND system via business card import.
    Mobile Device Charging³
    Charged via mini USB Adapter.

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