12 Volt Initiatve Meets at K-Fest

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Hey, we think the 12 Volt Initiative leaders took our advice. The car electronics industry group that aims to raise awareness of car audio/video and electronics will meet during the KnowledgeFest show in Dallas.

On the table will be, of course, the next steps to take to raise industry awareness. Obviously, we don’t know much more, but we aim to get the scoop next week.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. The website and the video needs be secondary. They need to be where people go to find out info after attending a bad ass car show that the initiative put on. Nobody is going to stumble upon a video and have a revelation, suddenly realizing that car audio is cool. Especially not that video. But I think its good that the” leaders” of the industry did this, because it shows just how disconnected they are. Car audio was cool before because it belonged to the people who loved it, not monkey suits looking to get rich. Worry not though, it will soon be in our hands again.

  2. too bad their “viral video” never made it to viral status. You want to raise industry awareness, bring back the magazines, bring back the car shows, get people involved, hold events for the local high schools….like they did back in the 90’s. Yeah remember how much “FUN” this industry was back then???

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