6 New Tablets from Augen

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After making a splash at Kmart with an early-to-market Android tablet and eReader, Augen is planning a full line of 6 new tablets including some in unusual configurations for delivery in January (or possibly the end of December).

The tablets run Android 2.2 with WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and eReading. All have 16-pin connectors for use in Augen docking stations (that are on the way) and they have access to the SlideME app store with close to 3,000 apps (but they don’t work with Android Market apps).

Basic models include a $200-suggested retail priced Gentouch Latte with a 7-inch resistive touch screen and 2GB of memory plus an SD card slot. The step up Latte Grande moves to a capacitive multi-touch screen and 800MHz processor plus an HDMI output. It also has a 3 axis accelerometer, compass and light sensor to conserve battery power at $249.

Next is an Espresso tablet series that is upgradeable to Android 3.0 and that uses 1GHz processors. It leads with a 7-inch tablet with 3MP front-facing camera and video conferencing plus Bluetooth as well as WiFi, 8GB memory, micro SD slot, accelerometer and compass at $350.

An Espresso Dolce moves up to a 10.2 inch screen with a “fingerprint-resistant coating” and HDMI output at $430.

An Espresso Doppio combines a laptop with a 10-inch tablet docking keyboard. The tablet and base each have separate batteries for 10-hours of use, or 15 hours when combined. Suggested retail price is $600.

Then an Espresso Firma combines a 7-inch tablet with a paper note pad and a special electronic pen. The user can take notes on the pad that automatically appear as text on the screen. It’s aimed at consumers with bad handwriting as well as professionals such as doctors (also with bad handwriting). The price is $350.

Source: Augen


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