iPad Steals 50% of Laptop Sales: Best Buy

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UPDATED! Apple’s iPad has siphoned off as much as 50 percent of Best Buy’s laptop sales, CEO Brian Dunn told the Wall Street Journal earlier last week.

The leading consumer electronics chain has taken note and is revamping stores for the holidays to focus on gadgets such as tablets, eReaders, smartphones as well as gaming devices.

“People are willing to disproportionately spend for these devices because they are becoming so important to their lives,” said Dunn.

But Dunn felt a need to clarify that statement and Best Buy issued a news release stating the following on Friday:

“…fueled in part by a comment in the Wall Street Journal that was attributed to me, they are not an accurate depiction of what we’re currently seeing. In fact, we see some shifts in consumption patterns, with tablet sales being an incremental opportunity. And as we said during our recent earnings call, we believe computers will remain a very popular gift this holiday because of the very distinct and desirable benefits they offer consumers.”

The WSJ story also offered another juicy tidbit—Staples will begin selling the Kindle this fall (joining Best Buy and Target).

Source: Wall Street Journal via Engadget

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