New Apple iPod Touch Expected on Sept. 1

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At its September 1 press event Apple is widely expected to show an iPod touch with front- and rear-facing cameras so the device can offer video chat, or the FaceTime feature now on the iPhone 4.

The new iPod touch is also widely expected to get the same bright Retina Display on the new iPhone 4 and a similar square form factor.

The speculation gets a little hazy after that, but some products that may or may not make an appearance on Wednesday at 10 am AM PDT at the San Francisco event include a new nano, an improved Apple TV and a new MacBook Air. A new social-oriented and web-based version of iTunes is possible. The launch of an iTunes TV rental store at 99 cents per episode is said to be under development but not quite ready for release next week.

We may see a nano that loses the click wheel, reports iPodnn.

A Gleacher & Co. analyst, Brian Marshall, expects only minor announcements about iTunes and Apple TV. “It’ll be about the iPod. Apple TV, that’s still chugging along. They will likely introduce [an Apple TV] in a sleeker case with more storage, but that’s not going to be a big deal,” quoted Computerworld.
This will mark the 5th consecutive year that Apple has introduced new iPods in September.

Source: ipodnn and Computerworld via Reuters

Photo: The current iPod touch may get an an update September 1., Yahoo!News

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