7 Top Features for the Car

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In this list of the 7 top creature comforts for cars itemized by Bankrate.com, 5 are car electronics amenities. Since yesterday’s luxury items like air conditioning and cup holders have made the leap to standard equipment, the items below may also become standard fare, reasons the site.

7 Top Creature Comforts in New Cars
1—heated/cooled seats
2—heated/cooled cup holders (and in-car coolers)
3—rear seat entertainment systems
4—satellite radio
6—iPod (MP3) interfaces
7—Car WiFi

Source: Bankrate.com via Yahoo!Finance

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  1. did you notice not to have a stereo system
    the car audio manufactures we have done a bad job
    before we would be on a list like this 15 yrs ago
    even 10 yrs ago. I notice in car entertainment but this
    now should be our push to enhance the sound like home audio
    and feel the action as you drive in your car.

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